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Java Learning Center / Javlec
Progress Report

In order to strengthen the capacity of Gapoktan in program locations, a visit was made to the location of Penderesan Air Nira (Sugar made from palm oil) belonging to the Tunas Jaya Farmer Group in Parenggean to further understand one of the examples of businesses owned by smallholders. Capacity building was also carried out at the farmer level, regarding the oil palm GAP technique. Currently, coordination and surveys to make a GAP demonstration plot are continuously carried out involving many of the smallholders.

Regarding the RAD-KSB which is being intensively processed in East Kotawaringin District, coordination continues to be carried out along with the Head of the Legal Secretariat of the Regency and the Head of the Agriculture Office to further discuss meeting that were planned for the end of  November. Other coordination was also facilitated further by the JAVLEC team, including related to the identification and mapping of smallholder oil palm for PSR, preparation of RTGLD, STDB, and mapping and data collection activities in Parenggean.

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