Farmers Union of Oil Palm / SPKS

Farmers Union of Oil Palm / SPKS
Progress Report

In September 2020, SPKS team has completed their Android-based information system (apps) related to BMP (Best Management Practices) which the app is able to be downloaded via the Google Play Store. In addition, the SPKS team has also completed training modules for GAP, K3 in plantations, HCV, HCS and institutions with a total printed volume of up to 800 books.

Another activity that was also carried out by the SPKS team was the implementation of the Rembug Tani to formulate strategies and plans for the development of strong farmer institutions. The activity was carried out in 3 program locations, namely Long Ikis Village, Kayungo Village, and Atang Pait Village; as for Krayan Bahagia Village, will be done at mid-October.

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