SIAR Nusantara

SIAR Nusantara
Progress Report

In the mapping activity that the SIAR team carried out in Sekadau, West Kalimantan, a map accounting to 21 thousand hectares has been produced. The map is then undergone an post-processed to form an orthomosaic map, of which approximately 18 thousand hectares have been processed. Data collection and distribution of parcels of the mapping results were also carried out. Facilitations for proposing registration of independent smallholders as a follow-up to the mapping and data collection process has also been initiated, through a process of technical consultation with DKP3 Sekadau District.

In October, a series of meetings and workshops was held by the SIAR team to discuss various topics, such as informal meetings to accelerate the STDB process, discussions on palm oil smallholder’s management at the district level, assistance and training in the operation of the database system developed by SIAR (it has reached the soft launching stage for stakeholders of Sekadau district), as well as training on spatial data collection with communities from the program locations. Knowledge products were also produced by the SIAR team, such as handbooks on mapping and data collection of independent smallholder oil palm plantations, a series of visual contents related to mapping activities, and learning contents to promote SIAR activities.

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